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Why Social Distancing Works: A better illustration using matches

A simple (home-made) illustration of why social distancing helps slow the spread of COVID-19. For social distancing to be effective, everyone should practice it and personal space between individuals should be kept at maximum during limited encounters.
It starts with one person but #OneIsNotEnough Why #DistanceMatters

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Hofstra Zarb School’s MS Finance Program is ranked 43rd by The Financial Engineer

2015 Finance Rankings | The Financial Engineer.

Hofstra's Master of Science in Finance Program is ranked 43rd nationally by The Financial Engineer. Hofstra’s Master of Science in Finance program is ranked 43rd nationally by The Financial Engineer. One of the more successful tracks of Zarb’s MS Finance program is its Risk Management concentration. Dr. Karagozoglu hopes that this success will encourage financial regulators – the SEC, CFTC, OCC, FINRA and the Fed- as well as the exchanges to hire top ranked risk management degree holders from Hofstra University’s Zarb School of Business.