3rd Annual Wall Street Trip for Class of 2014 Quant Finance students at Hofstra

Finance Department in the Zarb School of Business at Hofstra University treats its graduating class of Master of Science in Finance (MSF) and Master of Science in Quantitative Finance (MSQF) students with its Annual Wall Street Trip which is organized by Dr. Ahmet Karagozoglu and Dr. K.G. Viswanathan, who is the Chairperson of Finance Department.

3rd Annual Wall Street Trip took place on Thursday May 22nd, following the Sunday May 18 commencement ceremony where 50+ MSF and MSQF students graduated with their masters degrees. This year finance professors Dr. Sinan Cebenoyan and Dr. Ahmet Karagozoglu accompanied their students.

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During Finance Department’s annual Wall Street Trip students and faculty visit the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and get a guided tour of the Museum of American Finance (MoAF). Both institutions are located on Wall Street in downtown Manhattan.

At NYSE students and faculty got a chance to view the inside of its historic building from the member gallery while they learned about the history of the exchange and recent developments from NYSE staff. The highlight of the visit took place when students had the opportunity to talk on the floor of the NYSE and meet several designated market makers (DMMs) at their trading posts (formally referred to as specialist booths). DMM’s shared their insights with students, explained their daily duties and how they combine technology (algorithms which post bid and ask prices) with human touch/oversight during the volatile periods of trading, for example when the market opens in the morning.

MoAF is located on 48 Wall Street, former Bank of New York Building which was built in 1928. Location has been used by the bank since 1797, following its founding in 1784 by Alexander Hamilton who is the first Treasury Secretary and a Founding Father of United States. Students and faculty were guided through the exhibits in the grand mezzanine banking hall of the oldest bank in the country. Students learned about the history of financial markets while getting a chance to see original stock certificates, ticker machines, trading tools and jackets.

Finance Department’s Annual Wall Street Trip concluded with lunch during which graduating students had a chance to further bond with each other and with two the faculty members, Dr. Cebenoyan and Dr. Karagozoglu.

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